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‎6 yr. old - What are these cotton balls for?

Me - They're for Mommy to use on her face.

6 yr. old - So you can look like a snowman?
Mommy, guess what?
You're the best creation I've ever had!

*Awwwwwww* :))
"Dad, I want to show you a really awesome trick that you can't do.
And it's not really hard."
"I don't like goat cheese. They taste like cows."
My Husband:
"Gavin, stop watching t.v. or I'm going to throw that t.v. away.

"Then you won't be able to watch Fox News anymore."
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Caroline, Age 3 said:
My wife and Caroline were watching tv together. Caroline turned to her and cleared her throat. Caroline: We're real, right? Mama: Oh definitely. We're real. Caroline: We aren't drawings or characters, right? Mama: Right. Caroline: We're real and we think our own things. And we live a real life, right? Mama: Yes, I promise you that you are real and alive. Caroline: And no one controls our thoughts. Mama: No one. Caroline: [suspiciously] No one that you know, anyway.
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